Project: 1+X=ME

         [collaboration project with MinRong Chen & JingYin Luo]

︎ 1+X=ME, video, 01:33, 08/03/2019 ︎
(Produced by MinRong Chen, JingYin Luo & Cynthia)

SUSAN lives in a town called Earth with her magic calendar that would tell her what to do every day. A page on the calendar is a day in her life until she got to the page with only ‘x’ on it. What happened on this ‘x’ day is completely out of her control. She was scared, lost, but also surprised and excited...

Starting from the idea💭️ of ‘x’ (representing the unknown), we would like to explore the juxtaposition of two concepts: known vs unknown & physicality of our body vs consciousness. The movie︎ “The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” raised the ultimate︎ question of the universe, which led us to come up with our ultimate︎ question: Who am I.

We came up with an equation︎ 1+x= me. 1 represents the known and the physical body while ‘x’ represents the unknown and our consciousness. Therefore they added up to ‘Me’.

The story we designed tends to explain this equation︎ in a light-hearted way.