Project: Optical 19

             [collaboration project with JingYin Luo]

︎Optical 2019, Video, 1:09, 21/08/2019︎
(Video by Cynthia and JingYin Luo)

This short experimental film acts as the content of an immersive time︎capsule of 2019 for people from 100 years later to watch︎. This experiential experience explores the beauty︎ of the contemporary cityscape with the physical existence and interactions of human beings︎.
By capturing fragmental live-action documentations of people within the metropolis, the project aims to offer an opportunity for the spectators to reflect on the influences that computer and artificial intelligence︎ bring, also to rebuild a physical community︎ of those with a common interest.

︎Optical 19 _ Viewing Device demonstration︎
(edited by Cynthia)

A short demonstration and prototype of the viewing device that we designed to show our film "Optical 2019" 100 years later︎. And a poster︎ to promote the device we designed; to give a brief idea︎ of its function and visual identity.

︎Optical 19 _ VR prototype & Event record︎
(edited by Cynthia)

We visioned our film to be view︎ in the elevator 100 years later︎ because we think cities will develop vertically︎. So the first part of this video is a prototype of how it will work (using VR to simulate the experience). The second part is the record of our collaboration with Yukari and David. We came up with an event called "Hello Neighbourhood", in which people were invited︎ to have a quick dinner in the elevator and our film will be view︎ at the same time. All together creating an immersive experience for the participants. And a poster︎ to promote the event.