Project: Lost & Absence

[individual project]

︎Final sequence:listen, video, 01:17, 18/11/2019︎

 What does it feel like when you are not being heard?

The story of this sequence is about a person who often keeps all the emotions to herself is talking to her reflection👥 in the mirror.
The voice︎ is nearly muted︎ so the viewers can only guess the words that she is saying through lip-reading👄.
The viewers will realize the distracting😩️ experience of unable︎ to understand the information︎ being perceived.
This is not only to let the viewers feel the lost hearing👂 ability but might also be able to remind the viewers to pay more attention⚠️️ and listen more to the people around them.

The concept of this sequence is to explore human's ability to process information︎ through perceptions, and what happens when things failed︎to work.

︎Tryouts before the final sequence︎

︎︎︎Drops, video, 00:38, 10/10/2019

A starting point for my exploration of the topic of 'Lost'. The uncontrollable droplets of water💦️ symbolize the flow of time︎; the flow of time︎ will eventually take everything away, just like the un-reversible losing of water💦️. The reverse︎ of the clip at the end of the sequence is to bring the viewers back to that certain moment they are in.
︎︎︎GottaGo, video, 00:52, 24/10/2019

Used founded footage︎ to construct a visual journey.Cutting 14 footages into 53 seconds was quite intense. Just like the overloaded information that we are receiving︎ every day, making us disappear in the flooding of data︎; and maybe this can be one of the answers to 'where did everybody👤 go'.
︎︎︎Goodbye, video, 00:43, 11/11/2019

Exploring the feeling of obscurity and blurriness- the blurriness you see can be a feeling of loss. Trying to convey this feeling through the story of a person🚶️ wandering on the street without any direction, after someone very important had left︎. The world seems meaningless, so everything is unclear and without︎focus.