Project: Don’t

         [collaboration project with
Holly/ Isaac/ Kenzie/ Sarah/ Yilin]

︎Don't (try this at home), video, 00:39, 31/01/2019︎
(Produced by Holly/ Isaac/ Kenzie/ Sarah/ Yilin/ Cynthia)

 Our short sequence inspired by the style of Public information films︎, was telling a story of a public information film crew invading someone’s house︎ - a personal space - provides a visual metaphor for this phenomenon with exaggeration. 

We are trying to show how too many “don’ts”🚫️ and unnecessary warnings⚠️️ these days are restricting everyone from doing what they want to do; making us anxious and over-worried🤯️.

We wanted to inform💬️ the viewers to be aware🚨️ of random instructions that might bring confusion and false messages︎.

Poster designed for our film
(By Cynthia)